Why I like blue jeans

Why I like blue jeans
A long lasting piece of clothing in your wardrobe should be the blue jeans. First of all, I don't know if you noticed, jeans fit any woman, and transforms an unhappy backside, into some appetizing curves, perfectly fits any kind of body and brings advantages to any type of figure. In addition, jeans can be worn on any occasion, on a trip, in the mountains, in the countryside, at home, at work, at the market, at a party. Yes, guess what, jeans are a very versatile piece of clothing and suitable for absolutely any occasion you want and I think you know that. Or don't you? :)

Maybe I'm not going to wear them on a wedding celebration or some other kind of fancy party, but at a cocktail party why not wear a pair of elastic jeans with sequins or rhinestones? Or simply a pair of very elegantly tailored jeans? Not to mention that jeans can be worn by anyone, at any age. I like both your kid going to school every year and the grey-haired businessman who's tired of everyday office outfits.

Once upon a time, more than a hundred years ago, jeans were meant for those who worked on the plantations and there were only jeans in that blue color, specific to them. Not any other piece of clothing did have that color. By the way, did you know that that shade was discovered by chance? Indigo blue was a hard color to stabilize and at one point, the one who colored the jeans, happened to no longer have a color stabilizer and left the paint like that. It was immediately noticed that the jeans from the dock painted without stabilizer faded with each wash and even by wearing, but with time it became an appreciated feature of these trousers, and sometimes it was even a clue that the jeans were "original" and not fake. Anyway, some decades ago there were factories in theEastern Europe that produced jeans-like trousers. They were much like blue jeans, but were not blue jeans.

When the people saw that jeans are very long lasting, the demand increased and they quickly became an indispensable piece of clothing in any man's wardrobe. If I kept all the pairs of jeans, skirts, dresses and shirts I wore over time, I wouldn't have enough of a closet to store them. And because we keep talking about jeans, I would like to wear an elegant pair of jeans at the next party. Oh well, I've never been an old-fashioned woman and I'm not going to be now.

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