Fashion styles - the mermaid evening gown

Fashion styles - the mermaid evening gown

As every woman I always want to look very good, though especially on a some occasions. One of the most fashionable forms of dresses today is the mermaid dress. Here I must say my body is not at all fit for a mermaid dress, still I would like to tell a few things about it, because it is one of the most beautiful dress shapes, and because many brides want such a wedding gown for their party. The problem is, as I have already suggested: do all women have the right body for this dress to fit perfectly?

Unfortunately, it is one of the most difficult dresses to wear. First of all, this shape is suitable only for women who have an hourglass silhouette, because the mermaid dress is draped over the body and only from below the knee it becomes flared. The proportionality between the thighs, waist and hips is essential for this type of dress to attract, to fit perfectly, to give the impression of a mermaid to the woman who wears it.

The woman with the hourglass silhouette has rather rounded shapes of the breast, hips and body, generally speaking. She has breasts, protruding hips and thighs, though she has a thin waist, located exactly halfway between the maximum width areas of the chest and hips. Exactly looking like an hourglass. This figure is, unfortunately, quite rare, most women can be placed within two body shapes: with higher body weight in the lower half of the body - pear-shaped figure, or with too large breasts and shoulders too wide relatively to the hips - apple-type figure. The mermaid dress, however, fits well with the pear silhouette, but if the woman is filiform, with a poorly contoured waist, small breasts and teenage hips, the mermaid dress will be a disaster for her. Moreover, overweight women should avoid this type of dress, which severely highlights the roundness of the body, and is definitely not desirable if we have more extra pounds.

Today this shape of the body is no longer fashionable, the canons suggesting that the weak woman is desired, with a youthful look, without pillows but with her ribs and collarbone relatively well highlighted under the skin. That's why the examples I found to illustrate the hourglass silhouette refer to two celebrities from other times, namely Mae West and Raquel Welch, American actresses from the '30s and' 60s, respectively.

And if you really want such a dress, but you don't know if it suits you, then try it. And if it doesn't catch you, even if you fall in love with the mermaid dress, you may be aware that another style is suitable for your body. Next time, the princess dress

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