Advantages of convection ovens

Advantages of convection ovens

A convection oven is an oven that heats food through the circulation of hot air. Convection ovens use a fan to circulate hot air. If you are about to buy a new stove and oven, my advice is to choose a convection oven, of course taking into account its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Cooking efficiency

When food is cooked in a conventional oven, the heat exchange between the hot air and the cold food and the evaporation of moisture into the food creates an insulating layer on the surface of the food that slows down the cooking process. The air currents in a convection oven eliminate this insulating layer, so that the heat transfer is much more efficient and the cooking time is shorter, which brings savings to the electricity bill.

2. The food is cooked evenly

Advantages and disadvantages of using a convection oven A traditional oven does not have indoor air at a constant temperature everywhere. There are areas with air that is either too hot or too cold. The convection oven fan allows hot air to circulate everywhere so that the temperature is the same. Moreover, in the convection oven you do not have to worry that the food may burn or be undercooked. These are common problems only with conventional ovens.

3. You can cook several dishes at once

If you have to prepare a festive meal, or simply for several people, you will have to cook several dishes in the oven at the same time. This is only possible in convection ovens. You can place the dishes on top of each other and the food will be cooked at the right temperature. Or you can place the trays of various shapes next to each other, because you no longer need to hold the dish with food only in the middle, as in the traditional oven.

However, convection ovens have also some disadvantages.

Meat, fish and seafood cook very well by convection. But dishes put in closed pots, such as casseroles, will not be cooked very differently from a standard oven. Dark, dense dishes will cause overheating and excessive browning when used in convection ovens. Any coated material is better baked in a conventional oven.

Cake dough does not grow as much as in a traditional oven, because that dough needs warm, static air to grow. Convection currents keep it in place.

These ovens break down faster because they are more fragile than traditional ovens and will need some repairs at some point.

Overall, however, convection ovens are a great investment for efficiency in the kitchen. There are many models and sizes available, so you should quickly find the right solution for your needs, even if that oven is for commercial or household use.

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