Fashion styles - the princess and empire dress

Fashion styles - the princess and empire dress

The princess dress - or the A-shaped dress is the type of dress suitable for ladies with their hips wider or with a thicker waist, and a version of it is very good for plus size ladies. This dress is a classic that should not be missing from any dressing room. It is the type with underlined waist, either in its place, or under the breast, but with the rest of the wavy dress hiding imperfections of the belly or hips. For the plus size women, the dress or coat version is the best, without emphasizing the bust, only with a platter from which the skirt starts. It is not very wide, it can prove to be a perfect, elegant choice that surprisingly hides the imperfection of the body. The A dress is versatile and adaptable; the neckline may disappear under a high and slightly tapering collar, the sleeves may be missing or may be long, the bottom may be straight or pleated, flared or collapsed.

Fashion styles - the princess and empire dressThe version called the princess dress is very elegant and definitely suits a dress: the dress should follow the classical line and the skirt may be rich, long and large, suggesting the letter A shape. Thus, the elongation, slimming effect, if you like, is even more pronounced. The princess dress fits almost all body shapes, adapts well on any kind of material, changes easily from a simple all day dress in a stylish dress with lace, beads, sequins, bows, can make your body look taller or shorter, depends on the length of the dress. It is the kind that can hide many flaws and highlights what we want. The night, long version of the princess dress is the ball or prom dress.

The empire dress, unlike the princess dress, with which it resembles a lot, has the waist immediately under the bust, always well marked. The rest of the dress goes down to the ankle, or to what length the owner desires. Usually, the neckline is square, but can also be elongated, V-shaped, classic, and asymmetric, or to a one-shoulder dress. Just like the A-shaped dress, this pattern is very easy to fit into different silhouettes. But the empire dress best suits elongated silhouettes, with fine shapes and curves that are barely guessed, especially those women with a small or medium bust, because this type of dress highlights the breast.

Fashion styles - the princess and empire dressIf the wearer has a generous bust, with a square neckline, the effect will be the optical reduction of the prominent bust. Also, women with hips too low or legs in X-arched, thick legs, or wide waist, can wear this type of dress that hides any flaw from the waist down. Last but not least is the type of dress that is ideal for pregnant women. The sleeves can be long, bell-shaped, straight, or they can completely miss in a summer dress or a special occasion. The materials in which such a dress should be tailored are light to medium, which fall nicely into folds: chiffon, lace, silk, satin, velvet, veil. The waist may be marked by a wide belt, a bow, a few thin bands, rhinestone applications, or a simple lace strip if the dress is of a different material but of the same thickness.

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