Fashion styles - the straight cut dress

It is also called the I-shaped dress. It is straight from top to bottom, possibly with a belt on the waist, that shouldn't be tightened so that it affects its general line, the tube. The straight cut reveals all the curves of the body, so it's not suitable for plumpy ladies, but for those with a thin body, narrow hips, and small breasts. Generally, the straight cut dress is simple and elegant in itself, it's not a spectacular dress, but depending on the owner's desire and the imagination of the designer, it can become.

Fashion styles - the straight cut dress

The length may differ. The straight cut dress may be worn both at the office and on a special occasion, and it can even be an excellent choice for the wedding dress. Often a slit reveals the beautiful shape of the legs, though it has a much more practical function, namely, to allow easy walking.

The disadvantages of this type of dress are that having a close-fitting cut, the movements are limited, especially in the hands and feet and sitting down can also have consequences - the cloth folds under the belly and looses at the bottom. Walking can be affected - you will have to make small steps, and your arms may not be able to lift as high as you might need. Also, one of the most unpleasant consequences of this dress is "belly" and "bottom" because of the constant pressure on the material when sitting on the chair.

Fashion styles - the straight cut dress

That's why it's better for a straight dress not to be too tight, it should be a little larger from top to bottom, to give some freedom of movement.
Finally, a disadvantage is that the right dress does not hide the defects of the body, except a thicker waist. Whoever wears it, must have an almost perfect body, or choose something else, more advantageous.

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