Elegant sink faucets for your bath

You have just thought about upgrading your bath with new faucets, but you don't know how to choose good ones? There are some criteria you have to keep in mind, though, and one of the best is their resistance and durability.

Elegant sink faucets for your bath

Your waterfall bathroom sink faucets must be resistant, from more points of view. Therefore, the material is important, and they should be made of stainless steel, brass or bronze. Stainless steel faucets are the most commonly used because they are practical and long lasting. Among the advantages of stainless steel faucets there are:
- high degree of corrosion resistance
- very high durability,
- resistance to extreme temperatures (boiling / frost),
- does not modify the chemical properties of water,
- easy to clean.

If you choose a brass faucet you should know that the brass containing copper has a yellowish color and a higher corrosion resistance degree. These faucets are more beautiful and give a vintage look to your sink and bathroom. Nevertheless, bronze taps have the greatest look, classical and stylish.

Elegant sink faucets for your bath

Another feature you should consider is your pipes structure, so that your faucets fit the sinks. They may be placed on the sink, by a plate covering the unnecessary holes, if it's the case, or into the wall, above the sink. They may have single or double lever, as you like it. I prefer the single lever, because I combine the hot and cold water the way I want.

Finally you would like a unique, custom look to your bath or kitchen, and the decorative plumbing industry offers you a large array of products with features to customize your bath the way you want. You may choose a vintage, classic faucet, or a modern one, a silvery, white or colored one, according to the style of your bathroom.

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