Ostrich burger recipe

Ostrich burger recipe

Basically this is a simple burger to do at home, if you wish. You may use any type of meat you want. I used ostrich because I had it in my fridge, and because it's a very healthy meat, with no fats.

The recipe I used has a Greek origin and it's called feta burger because it contains a specific type of slaty cheese called feta, made in Greece only. The ingredients are:
- minced meat
- sliced olives
- garlic paste
- salt, pepper
- oregano powder
- finely chopped mint leaves
- tomato slice
- feta cheese to taste
- bake rolls
- olive oil for fry

The original recipe says to mix the minced meat with all the above-mentioned ingredients except the tomato slices and the bake rolls, and then to fry the burger(s) in a pan with some olive oil. I preferred to separately add the garlic paste because not everybody likes it or bears it.



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