Pearls, the jewels that I like

La Peregrina ... who hasn't heard about the famous pearl found by an African slave and bestowed by Philip II of Spain to his future wife, Mary I of England? It was and still is, the largest pearl ever found, weighing more than 200 g.

Over time, it was thought to be lost and found again in the twentieth century at the neck of the famous actress Elizabeth Taylor, bestowed by Richard Burton at their first marriage.

Pearls, the jewels that I like

The legend says that a pearl, perhaps as big, was drunk by the seductive Cleopatra, dissolved in a cup of wine, at a feast given in the honour of Marc Antony to impress him.

How fascinating these pearl tear-shaped are, how beautiful they are, and how hard it is for the oyster to produce it, in its endeavor to protect its soft body from the harsh piece of sand that has entered there in a moment of relaxation. That's why some pearls are getting very expensive with the passage of time. Their value never diminishes; on the contrary, just like the old gold, just like the jewels of the grandparents, they become more and more valuable.

Therefore, it is always a pleasure to make someone a special gift by choosing a set of jewelry, earrings with pearls or pearls of any color, gray, black, pink or white. You will probably impress your girlfriend or the person you will make such an elegant and fine gift.

I must admit that I would love to receive pearls jewels from the one who I love.

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Elegant sink faucets for your bath

You have just thought about upgrading your bath with new faucets, but you don't know how to choose good ones? There are some criteria you have to keep in mind, though, and one of the best is their resistance and durability.

Elegant sink faucets for your bath

Your waterfall bathroom sink faucets must be resistant, from more points of view. Therefore, the material is important, and they should be made of stainless steel, brass or bronze. Stainless steel faucets are the most commonly used because they are practical and long lasting. Among the advantages of stainless steel faucets there are:
- high degree of corrosion resistance
- very high durability,
- resistance to extreme temperatures (boiling / frost),
- does not modify the chemical properties of water,
- easy to clean.

If you choose a brass faucet you should know that the brass containing copper has a yellowish color and a higher corrosion resistance degree. These faucets are more beautiful and give a vintage look to your sink and bathroom. Nevertheless, bronze taps have the greatest look, classical and stylish.

Elegant sink faucets for your bath

Another feature you should consider is your pipes structure, so that your faucets fit the sinks. They may be placed on the sink, by a plate covering the unnecessary holes, if it's the case, or into the wall, above the sink. They may have single or double lever, as you like it. I prefer the single lever, because I combine the hot and cold water the way I want.

Finally you would like a unique, custom look to your bath or kitchen, and the decorative plumbing industry offers you a large array of products with features to customize your bath the way you want. You may choose a vintage, classic faucet, or a modern one, a silvery, white or colored one, according to the style of your bathroom.

Stop by www.faucetsinhome.com and start upgrading your bathroom today. Why don't have an elegant waterfall sink faucet for your bath? You deserve to choose the best.

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Pork with wedges and blue cheese sauce recipe

Pork with wedges and blue cheese sauce
This is a fine meal for a fancy afternoon with friends or for an aniversary and it's seems it has French origins. Anyway, the blue cheese that you will use for it may have a French origin.

For 4 servings we need: 8
- slices of pork fillet,
- 8 thin saussages of about 10 cm long,
- 5-6 medium sized potatos,
- 2-3 tablespoons of blue cheese,
- 2 tbs of cream,
- 250 ml/1/2 lbs milk,
- 2 handfulls of sliced mushrooms (champignons),
- salt, peper, jolibahar,
- oil, dry white wine.


- beat the pork fillet until very thin then add the sauseges an roll the fillet. Put some toothpicks at the ends so that the meat shouldn't unfold. Heat the oven and place the meat rolls in a pan with oil and a small glass of dry white wine. Add salt and pepper to taste, then let it cook to medium heat until browned. Remove and keep warm.
- boil the mushrooms at low heat with water just to cover them, adding a pinch of salt of. After 10-15 minutes of boiling add the milk, the blue cheese and the cream. Stir well and continue to boil for a few minutes more. Finally add pepper to taste, jolibahar and salt if needed.
- serve with wedges potatoes and rosemary and season with a salad to taste.

Enjoy! ­čśő

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Chicken terrine

Chicken terrine
This is a French dish that can be served as an appetizer as well as a main course.


- 1 large onion, finely chopped,
- 500 g (1 lb) chicken breast fillet,
- a small carrot and a small parsley root,
- 3 eggs,
- a handfull of minced parsley and dill leaves,
- salt, pepper,
- thyme,
- about 100 g of ham cut into small cubes,
- 2 slices of white bread,
- 5 boiled eggs,
- oil, water,
- some butter (optional).


Chicken terrine
1. Preheat the oven to moderate 180°C(350°F/Gas 4). Grease well a 14 × 21 cm (5½ × 8½ inch) loaf pan and/or line with baking paper.
2. Put some oil in a pan, add the onion and cook over low heat for 5–7 minutes, without colouring. Let aside to cool.
3. Mince the chicken breast then put it in a blender to get a very fine meat mixture, like a cream. Mix it with the ham chops. Then mix the meat with the slices of bread dipped in milk or water and well squeezed, add the onion and the oil from the pan, 3 eggs, salt, pepper to taste, thyme, then the carrot and parsley root (already boiled for about 10 minutes) cut into cubes, and finally add the parsley and dill leaves finely chopped. If you think this mixture is too dry, you can add a tablespoon of butter (I added it, for taste and texture of the terrine.)
4. Press a third of the mince mixture into the pan and lay the hard boiled eggs over it. Cover with the rest of the mince and if you wish, pour a beaten egg on top.
5. Place the pan in a baking dish and add boiling water to come halfway up its sides. Bake for 1½ hours, or until the juices run clear when a skewer is inserted. When done, remove from the oven, let it cool or even chill overnight. Before serving it, carefully invert the pan on a plateau, remove the paper, then cut into thick slices. Serve with mayonnaise, or with mustard sauce.

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Ostrich burger recipe

Ostrich burger recipe

Basically this is a simple burger to do at home, if you wish. You may use any type of meat you want. I used ostrich because I had it in my fridge, and because it's a very healthy meat, with no fats.

The recipe I used has a Greek origin and it's called feta burger because it contains a specific type of slaty cheese called feta, made in Greece only. The ingredients are:
- minced meat
- sliced olives
- garlic paste
- salt, pepper
- oregano powder
- finely chopped mint leaves
- tomato slice
- feta cheese to taste
- bake rolls
- olive oil for fry

The original recipe says to mix the minced meat with all the above-mentioned ingredients except the tomato slices and the bake rolls, and then to fry the burger(s) in a pan with some olive oil. I preferred to separately add the garlic paste because not everybody likes it or bears it.