Chicken salad

Chicken salad

Chicken salads are my favorites, so you'll see more of them on my blog. This one was prepared last summer when I had some guests for lunch on a Sunday afternoon.

You need: one chicken chest, 2-3 tablespoons canned corn, 2 potatoes, a small jar of medium sized mushrooms, mayonnaise to taste (I admitt I like more of it, but only light version, with less oil and maybe with a little yogurt in it), salt, pepper, parsley for decoration.

Chicken salad
Boil the chicken breast, or if you have some pieces from a grilled chicken you can use them, boil the potatoes in their skins then peel the potatoes after they are well done and cooled. Cut the mushrooms into small pieces, the potatoes into small cubes and the chicken chest into small pieces. Mix all the ingredients, including the corn, in a wide bowl, add salt and pepper to taste, then add the mayonnaise and mix gently the salad. If necessary, add the juice from a lime lemon.
Garnish with parsley or dill leaves. Let it stay in a cold place for 2-3 hours before serving.

Bon Appetite!

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