Salade a la russe

Salade a la russe

The way we prepare this salad at home is very different from the original salad invented by chef Olivier at the Hermitage restaurant in Moscow, more than 130 years ago.  It is said that the Olivier salad contained many exotic ingredients, such as lobsters, capers, or French wine in the mayonnaise sauce. The recipe suffered many transformations along the time and the original ingredients were replace with more accessible ones, depending on the country or region.

The name of this salad became a la russe or even boeuf salade, accordingly to what kind of meat it contains: chicken or beef.

The ornamental snake shaped salad you see in the pictures is prepared as it follows: one large chicken breast, 3-4 large carrots, 3 large parsley roots, 5-6 potatoes, a celery, a large jar of pickled cucumbers, 1 lbs mayonnaise, salt, pepper, 2 tbs of mustard. The quantity of meat should be about 30-40% of the total quantity of salad.

Salade a la russe

Peel the vegetables off (except the potatoes and the cucumbers), wash them, wash the meat and put them to boil in water. The potatoes must be boiled separately, unpeeled. When they are done, throw the water away and leave the ingredients aside to cool. In the meantime you can chop the cucumbers in small cubes and then squeeze them in your hands, or you can prepare the mayonnaise sauce. Then peel the potatoes off and chop all the vegetables and the meat in small cubes, of the same size if possible. Mix everything in a large vase adding salt, pepper and a few tablespoons of mustard, to taste.

Add about 3/4 lbs of mayonnaise and mix carefully, leaving aside 3-4 tbs of mayonnaise to cover the salad with after you put it on a large plate. Then arrange on a plate and decorate with boiled eggs, olives, cucumbers, etc. Usually we serve this salad during a more sophisticated meal, for example on Christmas.

Salade a la russe

The ornamental salade a la russe - phases of the preparation:

Salade a la russe
Salade a la russe
Salade a la russe



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