Foret Noire cake

Foret Noire cake

The black forest cake has been on my waiting list of to do cakes, since long time ago. I've had it written in an old recipe book for about 15 years, though I don't understand why I haven't prepared it so far, because I am fond of the cakes combining the chocolate and the sour cherries.

I used:

- for the biscuit: 10 eggs, 10 tablespoons of sugar, 8 tablespoons flour, 2 tablespoons of cocoa, one baking powder sachet, one vanilla sugar sachet, rum essence (or 50 ml of rum).
- 250 g (0.5 oz) or up to taste, whipped cream mixed with lemon zest
- 300 g sour cherries
- 300 ml rum or fruity liqueur.
- chocolate glaze or sour cherries to decorate

Preheat the oven at about 180 C / 356 F
Mix the egg whites first, then add the sugar and continue mixing until stiff peak. Then add egg yolks one at a time, rum essence and vanilla, and at the end add the flour mixed with baking powder and cocoa. This last step may be done with a wood spoon or with an electric hand whisk at low speed.

Spread this mixture into a cake pan of 28 cm/11 inch diameter (or a rectangular pan), greased with oil or covered with baking paper, about 40 minutes over medium heat. It's done when it passes the toothpick test. After cooling, remove the paper and then cat horizontally into 2 layers.

Moist the layers of biscuit with rum or any other fruity liqueur (cherry would be just perfect) then spread some sour cherries on it, fill with the whipped cream, spread again some sour cherries (without their cores) then cover with the second layer of biscuit.

For decoration you may use some cherries or a thin layer of chocolate glaze.
It's a fine, delicious and lightly alcoholic cake (not for children!) that would go with a fine meal as well as with an usual dinner or family lunch.

Foret Noire cake


  1. Hey!....after so long!
    Even i love cakes. This cake looks so tempting!

    1. Yep! ... After so long... My father surprisingly passed away 3-4 months ago, and I haven't had any mood to come back at my foodblog so far.

      And it's soooooo good :P :D


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