Chicken sour soup

Chicken sour soup

The sour soup is a very common first dish for lunch in the Balkans area, Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey and perhaps Middle Asia. It's name is, in fact, borsch (of Russian origin) or tchorba (Arabian and Turkish origin). This kind of soup is sour because you must add some sour liquid such as buttermilk, lemon juice, vinegar or borsch, which is a special sour liquid obtained from hot water and wheat bran left to get sour for 1-2 days. I generally prefer to add buttermilk, yogurt or
home-made borsch.

For the chicken sour soup I used:
- 500 g (1 lbs) of chicken meat (wings and back), 
- 2-3 medium onions,
- one carrot and one parsley root of about 200 g each, 
- 1.5 - 2 liters of  water, 
- salt, pepper, 
- one handful of green parsley, 
- 400 g of buttermilk or yogurt, 
- sunflower or olive oil, 
- sour cream, 
- hot pepper, lovage (optional). 

Firstly wash the meat and cut it into smaller pieces then put it in a pot to boil on medium heat. When it starts boiling and a grey foam rises, remove the foam, or throw the water away and start boiling one again in fresh water. Finely chop the onion and put it in a sauce pan with oil to soften it at rather low temperature. When it is just soften, before getting fried, remove the pan from the heat and add the composition to the boiling chicken meat. The carrot and the parsley root must be washed, peeled and medium grated. Add it to the boiling broth. Leave it to boil at medium to low temperature, with a lid on the pot, until the meat is done. Add water if necessary, it shouldn't be less than 1 liter left. At the end add the buttermilk or yogurt and bring to boil for several minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste, then remove from the heat. Immediately add the finely chopped green parsley and 3 or 4 chopped leaves of lovage, if you like it.

You can serve it hot, with a tbsp of sour cream in it and with hot pepper.

Enjoy! :)

Chicken sour soup


  1. Hi Johannas!
    Nice recipe, easy to make and a good idea to use buttermilk!......love the pic too!

    1. I always use buttermilk instead of that sour liquid called borsch. For me it's too sour - only that I use small quantities.


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