Roman salad with grilled chicken chest

Roman salad with grilled chicken chest

When summer comes, I often eat a salad instead a main course. So, I made myself a Roman salad with grilled chicken chest, a healthy and tasty  dish. As the name says, it's an Italian, even Roman, traditional recipe, and you might find it in the menus of those many trattoria restaurants if you visit the beautiful Rome.

It contains:

- Roman green salad,
- One  large tomato
- Celery
- Carrot,
- Cabbage white (or red)
- Cucumbers,
- Olive oil (or mayonnaise)
- Lemon juice,
- Salt to taste
- grilled chicken chest
- Mozzarella cheese

Grate equal quantities of celery, carrots and cabbage. Then place a few leaves of a Roman salad (it has long leaves) in a bowl and the rest of it cut in thin strips. Cut the cucumbers in slices, then chop the grilled chicken chest in small pieces. Mix everything with olive oil or mayonnaise then add some salt. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Slice the tomato and garnish the bowl with it, then add the salad in the middle. At the end grate some Mozzarella cheese on top of your salad. Decorate with a slice of lemon.



  1. Very refreshing!.......thanx for sharing!

  2. Looks like it would be a great summertime meal!

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